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I'm now on Archive Of Our Own! I've got one fic up and few more churning around. Let me know if you're on there too and I'll check you out!
Wow, talk about a letdown. I don't know if it's something about my computer or tablet, but it just wouldn't respond! Lines kept breaking up, there was no pressure sensitivity, and overall it was just A Bad Time. I think I was supposed to download an app or something, but I didn't see it anywhere. Damn.
See you guys in a couple of weeks!
Wow! I missed the milestone by two! Thanks so much to everybody who's been poking around my page ^_^
I have so many messages piling up! I'm sorry if I'm late responding to any of them.

That's all.
I get asked this every now and then, so here's a reminder: everywhere I am online, it's Susiebeeca. There's only one C in my username! Don't worry if you get that wrong; a lot of people do. (It's something I should have thought of when picking it, but too late now). So I'm susiebeeca on

tumblr. com (NSFW most of the time)
furaffinity. net (NSFW)
fimfiction. net (My userpage is SFW, but the stories aren't)
derpiboo. ru (SFW if you're not logged in)

...and anywhere else my shit has been posted!

(Journal's been edited in accordance to DA's rules)
Welp. Sorry if you see this message twice (x-posted to my tumblr); I went off my meds for a week, and had a pretty bad mania. But after a couple of days of sleeping and eating again (I'd "survived" on tea, pop, and one slice of pizza over the course of about five days), I'm getting back to normal. Sorry for the delay :(
For those of you who don't know, I'm suffering from a brutal case of bronchitis, and I've been barely able to do more than shuffle my sick ass to the loo and back during the three hours a day I'm not unconscious. :( So, sorry for the holdup with the art and whatnot.
I love Amnesia, and I got to thinking... if life was like the game, it would actually be pretty cool. Everything you need would glow blue. Die horribly? No problem, you just get an encouraging little message floating on a black background, and BOOM! Reincarnated---and the monsters have despawned! You also have super-human strength, considering you can carry tons of items (in an apparently magic backpack that can expand to hold things as large as a ladder) and it won't slow you down. If you get slashed across your torso and your organs start falling out---which is how I picture an encounter with the Brute ending---all you have to do is chug some opiate-based drinks and you heal up. You know you're being chased because the monsters emit a high-pitched screeching sound when they see you, and if you don't look at them, they go away.

Someone make my life like this!!! D:…
Due to a busy schedule, commissions will the (temporarily) CLOSED for the month of June! Commissions that have already been started will, of course, be completed, but for the rest of the month I won't be able to take on any new projects.

Stay tuned in July! And thanks to everyone for your support!
That's right, I'm officially opening for commissions! For the infographic, click here:…

or here, for the original tumblr post:…

Don't want to click? Here's the deal:

Linework: $7
Flat colours: $10
Shading with a Basic Background: $20

Each additional character: +$2
More-than-basic Background: +$5

  • All prices in USD
    • Adult/NSFW is okay (see below)
      • NO scat, vomit, or extreme gore! (I don't consider Cupcakes to be 'extreme', FWIW).
        • I'll e-mail you the sketch to see if it's what you wanted; then when the money clears through Paypal, I'll start the work.
          • Any questions? E-mail me at scampb05 AT uoguelph DOT ca with "Commission" in the subject line.

Thanks for your support!
My computer has been having issues accessing my Tumblr, and their help staff suggested I try a new browser. I'm thinking of either Google Chrome or Firefox. Any suggestions?
Off tomorrow for a little over a week to escape the snow. See you later!
Does anyone else suffer from shakiness in the hands? I have a hand tremor that acts up every now and then; drawing with a tablet helps SO MUCH, but it's still irritating. How do you deal with it? I try to time my movements to my breathing (i.e., draw on the inhale, erase on the exhale) and I rotate the picture as I'm working so that most lines are vertical---for some reason, horizontal lines are harder.
Those of you who have a tablet: how do you like it compared to using a mouse? Is it portable?
Do I really need to go over every pic in my gallery and add a disclaimer saying "This adult-looking character who has fully-developped breasts and pubic hair is not actually a child"?
....but it's driving me crazy. I keep trying to add a 'Donate' button linking to my Paypal account, but unlike on other sites, DA only posts the raw HTML. What am I going wrong? Do I need a premium account? AGH! >:(
So there you go:

Still can't decide whether or not to put fanart on it...

Let me know about any cool tumblrs I should be following!
I've been trying to decide whether or not to get a tumblr for awhile now. Yeah, I know all the cool kids are doing it. What do you think?